How do I request a withdrawal?
To request a withdrawal, log in to your account, click on “Withdraw”. In accordance with anti-money laundering policies and regulation, we may ask you to provide your valid identity card or complete the necessary anti-money laundry form. As soon as you have chosen withdrawal and amount, just fill in all the relevant details. Please keep in mind that our withdrawal processing time can take up to 48 hours.

How do I make a deposit into my account?
Log in to your account, then click on the “Deposit” button at the top right-hand side of the page. Then select your preferred deposit method from the list and then follow the instructions filling in all your payment details required. You can check all the deposit methods available for you in the “Deposit” page.

How can I verify my account?
It will only be possible for you to verify your account from the moment documents are requested from our end. As soon as you have received a notification or are requested to send any document(s) to us for verification, you can then do it by uploading them through your account, as documents sent by email are not usually accepted due to security reasons.

How quickly will my withdrawal request be processed?
All withdrawals typically take 24 hours to process. You will always get a confirmation once the withdrawal has been processed from our end but if, by any reason, your withdrawal has been waiting for more than 48 hours, please contact our Customer Service to check on its progress.

Where can I see my bonuses?
To become one of our agents is easy, please contact our customer care 0809 809 9966 0909 809 9966 or send an email to

How can I contact Redsonbet Casino?
You can contact our professional casino customer service, you can choose the most convenient channel to get answers to your questions from Live Chat or email at

Why do I have to register?
By registering at Redsonbet you are opening an account free of charge and without any commitments, which enables you to place bets in all Redsonbet products. Once you registered your account, you will be able to make a deposit and play our products for real money.

Why do I need to register personal information?
In order to give you the highest level of service and to maintain the highest level of security, Redsonbet needs to identify the customers who registered on the site, especially when paying out the winnings. Therefore, we need your first and last name, your residential address and other further personal details. For example, your correct date of birth secures that you have reached the minimum age to use Redsonbet products. Your correct email address enables us to inform you of important news, campaigns or to confirm any change on your account such as a forgotten password. By providing your phone number, we can reach out to you to verify your account or send an SMS when we have a special offer for you.

How do you store personal information?
Redsonbet uses state-of-the-art security measures. All transactions containing sensitive information between your browser and our servers are encrypted. If you choose to store credit card information in our database, it will be encrypted as well.

Are there any age restrictions when opening an account?
You are never too old to try your luck, but you can be too young! Minors (under 18) cannot hold a Redsonbet account.

From which countries am I allowed to register a betting account?
At Redsonbet, you can register your account from all countries listed on the registration page. To see from which countries are not allowed to open a Redsonbet account, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

In what currency can I open a betting account?
We only accept Naira for now.

I can’t register because my data has been already entered. What should I do?
If you cannot finish the registration because your data is already in the system, this means that you had already registered an account with us. If you cannot remember your login details, contact our Customer Service to check your existing account. For faster help, we kindly ask you to provide your full name, date of birth, home address (also your old one if you have moved) as well as your email address when contacting our staff.

I did not receive the activation link via email. How can I activate my account?
Firstly, double check in your spam or junk mail folder if you have received our email there. If you still can’t find it, kindly contact our Customer Service from the registered email address by email or via Live Chat.

I received an email with the activation link, but it’s not working. What should I do?
Firstly, try to copy/paste the link to your Internet browser, then try it also on another browser. If it still doesn’t work, kindly contact our Customer Service from the registered email address by email or via Live Chat.

Can I register more than once?
Redsonbet only allows one account per person and these details are stored and checked on our database daily.

Can I change my personal information after the registration?
Yes. You are able to update some of the personal information entered upon registration at a later stage, e.g. Residential Address, Phone Number and Password. They can be changed by contacting our Customer Service team. We also promise never to share your personal details without your approval unless we are required to by law.

I can’t access my account, what should I do?
Double check that the username/e-mail address and password you entered are correct. The password is case sensitive so make sure your Caps Lock key is turned off. If you have recently changed your password but still can’t log in, please clear the cookies and cache from your browser or try to log in using a different browser. If you are still experiencing difficulties logging in to your account, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

I have forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?
Visit home page, click firstly on “Forgot Password” link to be redirected to the Forgot Password page. Enter the username or email address you have used to register on the site in the email field and click on the Send reset email button. You should have now received an email into your personal mail account with a link to reset your Redsonbet password. Once received, click on the link visible in that email and follow the instructions in order to set up a new password.

Can I open an account on someone else’s behalf?
No, a Redsonbet account is strictly personal and you should always make sure to keep your login details safe.