1. You must be 18+ before you can play on this terminal/Casion
  2. Every player, is assumed to have a clear knowledge of how the Terminals/Casino operates, should this not be the case, kindly draw the attention of our staff for instructions and guidance. The player shall be liable for any malfunction of the virtual Terminals/Casinos arising out of lack understanding of their operation. Kindly call the attention of the cashier or supervisor for any assistance or reach us by email at support@redsonbet.com
  3. The Terminal remains the property of Redsonbet. Any use outside the Redsonbet is highly Prohibited
  4. Kindly consider other people waiting while you are playing on the Terminal
  5. Min & Max bets may vary as per management decision. Kindly look for it before placing bets.
  6. Management has sole rights for cancelling any bets in case of any discrepancy
  7. In any event, the maximum winnings can be issued with a credit note and players can redeem it within 24-48 hour
  8. All malfunctions void all pays
  9. Playing too much can cause addiction
  10. If tickets are being produced by individuals who do not meet the above criteria, manager has the right not to pay the winnings.
  11. Customers are expected to behave in a manner that is decourous. Any customer that behaves in a manner that disrupts the Virtual Terminals/Casino Operation does not just stand the risk of being removed from the terminal/casino area (s), but to the cancellation and forfeiture of bets placed.
  Note: These rules are updated from time to time and shall be as published on the Redsobet website in our general terms and conditions from time to time. These vertual Terminals/Casino Rules are supplemental to the Redsonbet General Terms and Conditions. Management.